Modern technology allows manufacturers to create detailed and precise products using the brilliant and powerful laser cutting and engraving machines. The variety of laser cutting signproducts and designs that can be produced in bulk is extremely vast, and here is the detail on a number of the differing kinds of laser machine that you can buy today to create innovative and specialized products. With a capability to write and create designs on glass, metal, plastics, acrylics and wood, the laser cutting and engraving machines are making modern manufacturing easier than ever before.  But, lasers need to be taken serious when it comes to safety.  When it comes to class IV laser machines operators and those nearby should wear polycarbonate protective glasses.

Laser Engraving Machinery

For all marking and cutting tasks, you can use engraving machinery that gets its power for a co2 laser tube. Typically powered by a laser source of anywhere from 30 watts up to perhaps 180 watts, they are able to engrave, cut, etch and inscribe designs on trophies, name tags, small signage, paper products, glass or crystal materials and other gift items.  Higher powered machines can be found within industrial settings. With parameters saved for each job, the task of producing multiple items becomes routine and faultless. Safety is always foremost in the operation of the machines, and the manufacturers take care to have instructions and fail safe engineering to fully protect operators and other things nearby from the cutting power of the laser tool. Often equipped with fonts and designs, laser engraving machines have great potential for creating exactly the product that is needed.

Laser Cut

For more intricate shapes  CO2 laser cutters are well suited.  You can find affordable laser cutters here.   A laser that is combined with the engraving option is often found, but the intelligence of the laser  is to ensure that a cutting line follows the specifications of the job despite minor distortions or curves in the physical material. Cutting lines can be rounded or squared off, and machines can often use highly detailed designs that run up to 1000dpi. As a result, achieving a finished product, always consistent with the product requirement, is a sign of a good laser cutting machine. Advanced and sophisticated functionality is now routine, with the ability to detect rotations of objects, material knowledge to use the right timing and power, and programmable capability to get the outcomes every time, time after time. A good rule of thumb is the more power used, the more cutting takes place.

CNC Laser Cutters

CNC, or Computer Numerical Control, is the industrial standard for cutting machines that dates back a number of years. Todat, CNC laser cutting machines are commonplace and routinely cut and deal with a variety of materials of many sizes and shapes including metals, wood, and plastics.  Linear models can deal with large product creation, and features might include automatic sensing of heights, maximum productivity through calculation of movement of the cutting head, controls to ensure quick cut to cut changeover for each work piece and consistency for each item that is cut. Design software can be on board or off line, but highly specific instructions are interpreted by the CNC laser cutting machine to make correct and accurate incisions so as to produce what is needed.

Laser Etchers

Often referred to when needing to make a design in glass, laser etching machines actually make high output production much more attainable. Advanced functions such as etching photographs or graphics can easily be engraved directly onto wine glasses, mirrors, bottles or other glassware. Essentially, anything that you can print can be etched using the right quality equipment. For most applications such as etching glass, the wine glass will be set onto a rotary attachment and the equipment will do the rest to follow the programmed instructions for the design, logo or photograph. Etching can also take place on other materials such as rubber, acrylics or plexiglass.


3d Laser Engraver Machines

These advanced machines, used for engraving in three dimensions such as solid crystal for example, have become available recently. Enabling laser cuts via. 3d laser engraving equipment, manufacturers can produce photo crystals by converting a 2d image into a depth sensitive pattern which when applied through the subsurface laser engraving will actually produce a stunning and impressive 3d image embedded into the crystal.  Some companies have started selling their own 3d machines including Full Spectrum Laser, MakerBot, Laser Design Inc., and Trumpf to name a few.


The latest laser machines are becoming more powerful and advanced, to the point they can produce tremendous accuracy with repetition by simply following  programmed instructions.  Modern machines can also work in three dimensions, further improving the cutting and etching capabilities to produce products that were unthinkable just a few years ago. I think the future of these machines will take production of high quality products to a level that’s hard for us to imagine.


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